Betty Lamps and Candle Holders

Featured here are some of the reproduction fat lamps often known as Betty Lamps, which are produced by Fisher Forge. These lamps were used before the days of coal, oil, and kerosene. They were filled with rendered tallow, which fueled the wick. The lamps pictured here are reproductions of local period pieces from the 1800s. If you’d like to add a unique antique touch to a room or your home, one of these will surely make it stand out. Take your home back in time with this period piece and more that we have to offer that has the style and craftsmanship that you don’t find very often.

Whether for decorative or practical purposes, our hand-forged custom candle holders have both antique styling and wrought iron durability. With intricate designs and an antique feel, these candle holders are perfect for anyone wanting an authentically traditional home decor piece. Our Custom Candle Holders are available in a variety of designs, both traditional and contemporary. Styles including free-standing, hanging, and wall-mounted, and are created at Fisher Forge.

Kitchen Accessories

Featured here are some of the examples of copper and brass forging miscellaneous kitchen accessories & related items that are produced by Fisher Forge. Kitchen/Butcher utensils are available with brass, copper, or steel bowls and spatula blades. Dutch Crown and wall-mounted pot racks are forged with style and utility in mind. Trivets come in various sizes and designs.


A large assortment of hand-forged antique reproduction hardware items is available at Fisher Forge. Hinges are fashioned in a multitude of styles, crafted to suit any application. Functional reproduction locksets add authenticity to design environments. Common interior and exterior items become eye-catching works of art!


Different types of custom fireplace pieces and accessories, made from high-quality material, are available at Fisher Forge to give your fireplace an exciting new look.

Architectural Elements

The craftsmen at Fisher Forge design and fabricate a wide variety of architectural elements. Interior and exterior applications provide the homeowner or business person with a product that is sturdy, maintains the integrity of the installation site, and is aesthetically pleasing. Balusters and railings, balconies, and gates and fences are among the items forged and assembled at Fisher Forge in various metals and finishes. Delivery and installation are performed by the artisans of Fisher Forge.

Custom Work

Featured below are examples of some custom blacksmith work and unusual products created by Fisher Forge. Miscellaneous items and custom work include pieces such as fireplace screens and swan sleds that have frames forged and fabricated out of steel. Items such as custom lighting fixtures are crafted to meet any interior or exterior design scheme.